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This is the last one I'll do this week, I gotta admit it's pretty addicting. Episode two blew up pretty fast, let's see where this episode goes. So let's get started! This series is where I pick two fictional characters from anything list their feats and abilities and decide on who I think would win based off of that. Feel free to add anything I leave off and give me your opinion on who you think would win.
Combatant one: Akuma Most powerful form Oni Akuma. Master martial artist. Most powerful character in his verse. Has leaped into space and smashed asteroids in base form. Split the moon in two with a punch. Stalemated with Asura. Singlehandedly defeated Bison. Killed Gouken in combat. Able to withstand the heat of a volcano. Destroyed a mountain with a punch easily. Destroyed a battle ship with a single kick. Strongest ranged technique is the Dark Hadouken.
Combatant two: Hulk Inside him is Bruce a genius that is one of Marvels smartest. Possesses gama radiation. Super strength and adaptability. Can get stronger the angrier he gets. Defeated Thor. Defeated Thing. Beat a brainwashed Silver Surfer without his power use. Defeated Rhino and Abomination at once. Thunderclap is a strong shockwave. Has held up a 150 billion ton mountain for at least hours.
WINNER: Akuma Hulk is stronger but, Akuma is just as strong. Hulk has been defeated by Captain America using nothing but skill and Akuma is bigger, faster, stronger, more skilled, and deadlier than Cap. Given Akuma's power, speed, skill, he can just skillblitz Hulk. Hulk's gama gets intense but, not much considering Oni can top that. Hulk's feats are a lot but, just Akuma's fight with Asura tops them all. And I'm not saying the dark hadouken will take down the Hulk but, it will slow him down. Honestly base Akuma is a sure win.
@shannonl5 I believe Oni is some type of demonic power but, he is human because i believe he is Gouken's brother.
@JayAndre I know of Supernatural, more of a Constantine fan. I thought he was his name is demon in japanese.
he's human who had succumbed to dark powers. if you watch Supernatural then, yes, he's a demon
@JayAndre I always thought he was but, the only proof of that being true is his name and that's not enough to say he is. I would like to think he is, I could be wrong.
isnt akuma an actual demon? he'd beat hulk just by being immortal.
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