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Often times, we as people (young adults or those down on their luck in this case I suppose) find a lot to fear in change. Big changes can be a scary thing, but it's important to take steps in advancement. After all, you don't want to be stuck at your parents' house for the rest of your life do you? What's that? You do? Oh. Well then this list probably isn't for you. But hey, if you've got nothing else going on, you could give it a read anyway. Who knows, it might just change your mind.
1. It's Hard To Know Where To Start
When I first decided I would leave the nest, it wasn't a drawn out analysis or something. I was 17, I was tired of the "great stuff" Florida had to offer, and I knew I had to get out. That's it. No dramatic epiphany about my true calling, I just wanted out of Ocala. Figuring out what you want isn't necessarily the hard part, it's figuring out how to get it that's the annoyance. I sat myself down, put aside the controller and asked myself "What do I have at my disposal to make this more than a desire?"

Not much, I was making just enough money at my job to keep my bills up and help my family out with mortgage, but that was that. Not to mention my car couldn't go far, every day in my Caravan was a blessed one when it didn't break down. Besides, I couldn't leave to somewhere else without another job guaranteed, well I could've, but it wouldn't have been smart. So I knew where I COULDN'T start, but what could I do?
2. Take it Step by Step
The most logical option is to take it one step at a time. Decide where you want to go/what you want to do. From there you have to decide how you're going to get there. Then you need a way to ensure you'll be okay if things don't go your way immediately. Lastly, you need to tie up the loose ends you'll be leaving behind (talking about your bills people). So it was decided! I would save what I could, scrape and scrape, until leaving was a safe and viable option.
3. Or Don't
Yeah...that idea lasted a few months. Then one day I had decided I had enough! No more sitting at home playing video games all day! No more dead end job! No more crappy, boring Ocala! It was time to leave! And I did!
Funds - 0 Car Paid Off - Negative Miscellaneous Bills -You betcha An Idea Where To Go - X A Safety Net If Things Went Wrong - Nope
Yep I had pretty much ignored my advice altogether. But I did have a job waiting, a job willing to take care of everything. That job was being a Soldier. That's right boys and girls, I went off and joined the Army. Greatest decision ever? Far from it. But for all the trouble I would soon be in for, I WOULD get what I want from it. Because...
4. It's All About How Bad You Want It
Going through training and the stress the Army provided might not have been the best way to get out of my parents' house and out of Florida, but it WAS the quickest. While I was training I was able to take care of my car payment, handle the tiny bills I left behind, and slowly considered where I wanted to be. I knew I loved the city, I knew I liked having options, and I knew I wanted to be in a comfortable area. So I was narrowing it down, but while I was doing that, Uncle Sam decided to send me to South Korea. So I spent a long time out of the country, giving me more time to survey and reevaluate my decisions. I had come to this:
1. I hated the Army. 2. I had to get out ASAP. 3. I could not go back to Florida.
With that all decided, I figured I would let fate decide where to send me next. Fate decided I would call Washington State home, which I love now. This is my home to me, I genuinely enjoy waking up here. After that it was just a matter of leaving my Soldiering behind, not a hard task to accomplish, just a long one. For all the bumps in my road though, I had made it. In a new state, a new job I didn't hate (Transportation), and I was building a new life. So you know what?
5. See Where The Road Takes You
So you know you want to leave home, and you don't know where to go. That's okay, neither did I. There are plenty of things you can do to give yourself an opportunity to explore our world before you decide where you want to be. The Military, for all of its shortcomings (stay tuned for that list!), isn't a bad way to see the world. You can also get a job teaching English in a foreign country, most of the time they'll fly you out there and give you a place to stay (I know from personal experience). There's organizations like the Peace Corps that, while they may not compensate you monetarily, provide a great way to see the world as well. Sometimes it's okay to not have a plan, so long as you have a ticket to travel. Don't be afraid to leave home. After all...
6. You Can Always Go Back
No one's saying you have to leave your country, state, city, or even your town. Realistically, if you're truly happy where you are then you've already made it. Traveling is just something that gives people great perspective. You can't be afraid to get out there and take the world by storm. Chances are that if you have a home you're trying to get away from, you probably have a family you're trying to get away from too. But you know what? If you fail, chances are that same family will be there to help you up. So there's no need to hesitate. Take your time, plan it out, or just take a chance and see where you go. But don't let the fear of failing keep you from trying.
This is amazing. I learned a lot of similar things when I left for New York City. I'm now living abroad and man, life is scary, but I realized that the scary things are what matter. Congrats on all you're learning, that's the point! I'd love to see more insightful cards from you. I got a lot out of this.
I love this. When I was about 20, I dipped out of Miami and wen to school -- ever since, I've lived in a lot of cities. I always tell people, Florida will always be there. And honestly, I don't want to really go back. Sometimes you just gotta make the move without really thinking about it! I respect what you did. ^_^
Thanks for sharing your personal story! both my father and older brother joined the military as a means to support themselves. for my dad it became a full-time career path, but we aren’t sure with my brother. I think you definitely have the maturity to decide that for yourself, and what ever happens on your path you learn from it.
This is such a great card! Thank you for sharing your story <3 I'm glad you got where you needed to be
The struggle must've been real but I'm glad you made it through ^^ well done *thumbs up*
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