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This is my discussion of a manga "Big Order" by Sakae Esuno, writer of Future Diary. This was a manga I started reading that was cancelled.
First let me tell you why it was cancelled. The manga publisher that Sakae was using to print and publish went bankrupt and couldn't continue to write. But there has been talk that funimation may continue it... if they do I love them for it.
The manga itself is similar to his other anime/manga Future Diary, to be that the side character is a yandere. But on the other extreme thst she hates the main character with all her gut but is forced to be his partner. And he accidentally said it in a romantic theme so she follows that of a girlfriend.
So the thing that makes Big Order what it is is that everyone gets a dream that comes true but around a thousand people can continually use it called "Orders" and the main character wished to conquer the world. But he meets god and she says that wasn't his true wish. So he's contracted to conquer the world while finding his real wish.
This one definitely is similar to his previous manga if you compare the character design for sure, snd if you dig a little, so does the story itself. But if it didn't get cancelled I'd definitely say give it a shot.
but I hope funimation does finish it so I can get to know the full story, love it, and get more than two pieces of fan art. It kinda surprises me that a good manga like this was cancelled and no other studio picked it up.
@ChrisBryant the printer buisness that printed it went bankrupt.
Oh I see
@charlesnash the cancelled manga is big order.
wats the name of this anime again.
I hate when good mangas get cut like that, it frustrating to no end
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