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Jonghyun is not my bias in Shinee but he has been a bias wrecker on more than one occasion. These pictures will explain why lol
I love his fashion and he has never had a bad hair day lol
His eyes are so beautiful and that stare can melt anyone
I always look forward to his smile and his performances ☺
His body is all I need..why are you doing this to me Jonghyun?
That's all I got for this Overdose. I going to do Suengri next so look forward to that
I'm tagging the people who commented on and liked my Jonghyun card: @Kelseyblair@BabyKungFuPanda@TingTingShi@Kimberlyr@AlexErica@ladygdragon@FruityPoptart@kpopandkimchi@cassiels6136@Roxy1903@ailadimartinez@AdiaJasinski@lexuseavid@GauhuaYang
someone call the doctor because jonghyun is ruining my bias list hehehehehe I love jonghyun
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jonghyun just earned himself my #1 bias spot in shines and my #2 of all time bias. congrats bias wrecker..........
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those eyes ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
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