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Oh Hetalia. If you're like me then you like this anime. You probably have even read the manga too. Hetalia is one of my favorite... (\^.^/) But enough about me. Let's start talking about it. More specifically lets talk about the characters. Since there is so many different characters and groups I plan to do them in different cards. Today lets talk about one of the main groups... The Axis Powers
Italy... Who doesn't love this pasta loving scaredy cat. He's just to cute, although sometimes he can be to much and I defiantly know what Germany means when he says that Italy can be annoying. But even if he is annoying he still has that weird quirky personality that people can't help but love. And who can forget about that little song he wrote to Germany. I died from laughter when I listened to it. But I think everyone can agree on the fact that when he was a baby he was so cute!! And that puberty scene was to funny. There is way to many scenes to talk about; and this would apply for all the characters they all have funny moments.
Romano Romano is definitely one of those over protective older brothers even though he doesn't show it often and is sometimes mean to Italy. He seems to really have a grudge against Germany for just well... Everything. Unlike his brother Romano is more of a tsundere. There's not a moment in the show where he has not bad mouthed someone.Like Italy; Romano likes his Italian food and is scared of most things. He really likes his tomatoes also. He is constantly trying to make Germany look bad. Like the time when he put that mustache in front of Germany and started mocking him till Ludwig told him that from his view it look like Lovino was the one with the mustache.
Germany. Where do I start with him.... Well Germany is a really neat character he is always strict but he has that cute soft side too. He loves beer and wurst and seems to really care about his friends. He has to be the boss and he is a big dog lover. He is also weird but funny at times. We can't forget the fact that he once talked to a stick before he met Italy. Not to mention the fact that we all know that he is a pervert underneath all that seriousness. We know about your porn stash Ludwig. Even though Italy seems to cause Germany stress he still seems to care about him. I find that to be really cute and personally I ship them.
Japan. Japan is one of my favorite characters in the show and that's because he... well is just what you would expect a Kiku to be like. He has personal space issues which I find to be cute. He always try's to do his best in everything. He also seems to look up to everyone expressly America. He loves to agree to everything America says. He seems to really love cute animals. And he really try's to fit in. Japan like everyone else can be a lovable funny character. Who can forget about the scene where Italy sits in the hot springs with him and they talk about the body. That was a funny moment.
There is defiantly a lot more things to talk about with each character; but then this card would be super long. So I tried to make it as short as possible. Well that's all for now. I plan to do the Allies next. Who is your favorite Hetalia character or who are your top 5 favorites? I love all of the characters but if I had to pick my top 5 they would be: 1.Prussia 2.Denmark 3.Japan 4.Finland 5.Norway