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Well my lovelies it is Sunday. As promised, here is some sexiness to get you through the tough week ahead. ENJOY!!!!
Look!!! Baby Taeyang!!!!
Not much has changed in my opinion. Except he got more sexier.
Are you still breathing ok?? It's about to get intense.
Get ready.....
Delicious looking isn't he......I think we need a second set of pics, don't you?
Oh my.......
Hope you enjoyed these!!!! Be sure to leave suggestions for next Sunday's Hottie Overload.
Hahaha Taeyang what are you looking at?!?!?!
@SarahHawkins @AngelaLimon @Emealia @nnatalieg I add one more photo at the end that might kill you.
That's my man 馃挅馃挅馃挅. making me get into my feelings. hes so sexy.馃懣馃懠馃拸馃拺
This is why young bae was my first love in the group and I still have a huge soft spot for him not only is he sweet hes EXTREMELY SEXY!!! Hes too perfect and definitely the biggest tease ever haha
@glostick Yay thank you! I'm so excited. .. I should probably write a will first haha. you will probably kill me lol
call the ambulance! ! I forgot how to breathe!! ... yup I'm dead lol
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