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This time next year will be the craziest time in politics. You guessed it! Election season!
And as a fan of politics and discussion myself, I thought it would be a fun challenge to get people to take sides, and REALLY think about what matters the most to you.

So you think you want to run for President?

Don’t be the next Kayne West and jump into the decision. Running for president is tough stuff, and it also requires you make some commitments. So talk with your family and make sure this is what you want to do. And follow these steps to make your candidacy official.

Step 1:

Announce your Candidacy and Platform

In a card that you create, announce that you are running for president. Also include a little info about yourself, and what you stand for. Tag your Vingle friends and ask for a campaign staff of 5 people. (this can be anything. VP, campaign manager, watery).
Example: Hello fellow Vinglers! I have decided to run for Vingle office. As a hard working Vingler myself, coming from a family raised by true Vingle values, I represent the little vingler out there. A little bit about me: I plan on being the best president ever because I will strive to make Vingle a safer and happy place. I also plan on eating a lot of ice-cream and working hard to make everyone giggle. I ask for 5 fellow Vinglers to join me in my quest for more giggles. (tag your buddies)

Step 2:

Participate in Debates

This is pretty simple, each week we have a debate of sorts on a card. A candidate will create the card and tag all the other fellow candidates. They will follow a range of topics and will be rotating in each community. Debates will take place Wednesday evenings starting this week.

Step 3:

Campaign in a productive way.

Is there a movie you saw that you have an opinion on, and you think your campaign followers should know about? Write a card about it and assert your opinion.
Is there a news issue that you know how to solve? Write a card about it and assert your opinion in your campaign.
Be creative!


Nov 13 is voting day!

Friday the thirteenth right? What better way to celebrate then by sharing who you think should win Vingle elections? Amiright?
If you want to see a good example of what a canidacy announcement card looks like check out @paulisaghost’s card where he admitted to the Vingle world that he had turned into a ghost and is running for office. Check it out <<HERE>> if you want to see what happened.

Deadline to join the race is by the end of this week! (Oct. 25)

Warning: this is just a fun thing we are doing on Vingle. You don’t actually get to become president of the U.S. or of the World, or even of Vingle. You mostly just get bragging rights...and like, you know, a fun time.
I AM FOLLOWING THIS ELECTION SO EXCITEDLY. Already so much drama and scandalous allegations!!! @quietone the cute and dangerous one might have me won over... but we'll see how the campaigning goes!! :D @Arellano1052 are you running for this dude???
@paulisaghost I think the first debate should address the ghostgate scandal
@Arellano1052, @GalaxyTacoCat, srsly. If one of you decide to do this, I will be your campaign manager no problem.
@InPlainSight Hold on a second, don't you mean the ALLEGED ghostgate scandal
This sounds hilariously awesome xD
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