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So I caught up on "She was pretty" and I am in love with this drama! This drama makes me mad, laugh until I pee myself, and blush and giggle like crazy all at the same time!! If you haven't watched it yet I recommend you do! But I warn you! There are parts that will piss you off! [B]Now if you haven't watched this stop reading now! And go watch it!
For the ones that have watched this! Does Min ha-ri not start pissing you off?!?!? Like for real, at first I was like aw she a good friend but after what she does in the last two episode that showed I was like b**** trying to take over hye-Jin life ! Like the family deal I was like wth and then when she takes that deal and gives it to sung joon I was like oh no!! And the way Sung joon treated Hye-Jin at first, there was an episode I shut off and went to sleep cause it made me so mad! Like how could anyone treat any one like that?!?
And it didn't help that I love Hye-Jin I think she pretty the way she look and don't get why they would consider her ugly! So I'm like protective over her already! Like when someone mean to her I'm like nope, nope you just messed up! I don't like you any more!
Then there is reporter Kim! played by choi siwon! like Kim cracks me up!! Like every time he on the screen I laugh so freaken hard! I kinda want him with Hye- Jin but at the same time I want him to steal Min heart so she will leave Sung joon alone! Cause I kinda also want sung joon to realize who Hye really is and be together! Oh the struggle of these two ships! but it's weird for me to want Kim and Hye to be together since he said she reminds him of his sister that passed..but still they'd make a cute couple! [
As for sung joon, the man and makes me so mad but drool over him at the same time! Good lord he is sexy!! Especially the shower scene! 馃槼馃槼 I needed water after that! Now even though he is sexy he still make me uber mad! The was he doesn't listen, how he talks down to people like I wanted to slap him so many times! And I what to shake him and be like why can't you see that that's not your Hye-Jin!! But I can't! But he does start showing a softer side which I like! But still bruh! You are killing me!
I'm ready for the next episode! I want to know what happens on this trip!?!!? Does Hye finally tell him? Does sung joon kiss Hye?!?! Does Min find out and show up to ruin everything? Does reporter Kim get jealous that they are there and show up?!?! I want to know?!??? There only been 6 episodes and I am already this attached to these characters lol this is not okay! But oh well!! Tell me what y'all think of this series????
OMG girl I'm on this vibe so hard it's not even funny! I LOVE this drama but hate that it's still on air and I can't just binge watch my way to the end!
I know when I seen it was still on the air after I started it I was like crap! Now I'm gonna have to deal with the unknown and suffer until the next episodes!! @AlisiaMunoz
Im up to episode 9... Viki has the missing episodes that Dramafever doesn't have... But oh girl I love this drama so much!!! At first I was just like you...I was so mad that he was treating her so carelessly and when he says that she didnt deserve her name... Ughh I was about to flip a lid hahah.... I've seen quite a few dramas (some twice like coffee prince and you are beautiful) but this one is becoming a favorite for sure!! Hahahah thanks for sharing!!
This kind of reminds me of Maters Sun o.O I will definitely check it out though
Okay I will! @jessicalnichols
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