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I loved alo too tho. It was a little more emotional than sao only on some parts tho. And one part just really got to me. I nearly cried on that part.
Mainly cuz of this freak. This guy really irritated me. Wanting to marry Asuna while he grabbed her out of sao and to alo. This guy was just sick.
He kept her in a cage in alo like a freakn dog. This just really didn't agree wit me. Near the end/he basically stripped her. that was the part that got to me :-( couldn't imagine how kirito felt.
I almost forgot about the other main character, suguhao, aka Leefah but that's her game name. I don't like showing my feelings wit tears cux ima guy but I show it wen its hard to bare. Sugu cried so much when she figured out kirito was really kazuto and i just felt bad for her. She literally had feelings for him even though she knew it was wrong. But anyway-there were many other parts that touched me but any other parts that touched u guys? ^_^ Let Me Know.
if you have hulu its all on there. @mwade224
I got to episode 10 on season 2 and I can't find the rest of it anywhere