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Let's kick it to a "We need a 2nd season" photo shoot!馃槃 (Highschool of The Dead, No Game No Life, Attack on Titan, and Deadman Wonderland)
If you guys have some anime's of your own that wasn't on the ones above please tell me.
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well Ok then that was very informative thank you for that. But what happened to Dead man Wonderland
2 years agoReply
Also HOTD had to much nudity and they didn't want to show it on television anymore.
2 years agoReply
we need second seasons for those
2 years agoReply
I heard there's supposed to be a second season of Attack on Titan some time next year
2 years agoReply
hotd was a great series but had way Way WAY too much fanservice which is why it is overlooked
2 years agoReply