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I love this challenge!! What song got you into a group?! I was challenged by @SHINee808 here! So I thought about some of the main groups I listen to that are not fairly new (so they have more than one song to get you interested ㅋㅋ)
Got 7 - Just Right! I had a love of Jackson before but Just right made me really look into Got7 ^^
Exo - Call Me Baby! I heard some other songs before but I really liked call me baby!
Red Velvet- Ice Cream Cake! I think I heard happiness first but I didnt give it much attention. I looked into them more when they got Yeri and then ICC came out and I looovvveeed it
BTS- War of Hormone! I remember being like pfttt what is with this name XD it made me watch the MV and I was in love! Kookie in that sweater and Rapmons lips and Jin acting cool XD Then I watched Danger and I was forever an ARMY after that!
Big Bang - Fantastic Baby! I fell in love with it as soon as I saw GDs hair and I stayed when Daesung hit that note and was chained to a wall XD
FT Island - I watched a few videos at once and loved them alk but Madly and Severely stuck with me the most! Hongki love started with his OST though! <3
F(x) was Red Light and amber specifically in Shake that Brass, I love her so much and was super happy she got a solo!
SHINee - Sooooo I got into SHINee way bad at like 3am one night. I watched every MV korean and Japanese, I watched all kinds of other videos and fun funny stuff XD So here are the main ones I kept watching for that week! Everybody, Sherlock, Why So Serious, Hello, Ring Ding Dong, and Lucifer! This is how my kpop journey started lol
So that's it! I have a lot of groups i didn't do but its already long ㅋㅋ Hope you liked it! If you read this, do the challenge!!

Did you have any that matched mine?

fantastic baby!!!!
@shannonl5 Spread the love XD
ooooooh! I like this! Is it ok if I do a non k-pop version of the challenge? Not that I don't live me some k-pop, but it feels like some of the other music communities could use some love! (okay maybe I'll do one kpop band hahaha)
@shannonI5 yea I plan on doing it once I got all my homework done....I keep putting it off lol
@SarahVanDorn are you going to do the challenge too? I'm really enjoying the responses!
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