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Which bachata dancer are you?

1) The Expert Dancers

They put everyone to shame, and that's when you learn that the dance classes can actually do some good. But as a native bachata dancer, you have a keen eye to find what was taught in a classroom, and what was taught en las calles.

2) Count and Look Down Dancers

1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4 -- then look down at feet. Instead of thinking of bachata as a beautiful dance, it turns into a weird mathematical equation.

3) Touchy Touchy Dancers

Bachata is a very romantic and sensual dance, but sometimes, you've got that couple who's ALL HANDS ON. The booty, the chest, the everything -- everything is grabbed. Hey, looks like they're having a good time though...

4) Are You Really Dancing Bachata? Dancers

Nobody knows if you're dancing salsa, the waltz, or the drop it down low and shake it like the baby-cry. But alright, you do your thanngg homie.

5) The Single Dancer

They don't have a partner, but that's not stopping them from enjoying the music.

6) The Dancers Who Know What Bachata Is All About

They just enjoy the music and the love. The moves aren't calculated, and the steps aren't fancy, complicated, or perfect -- but it's still beautiful.
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SAME ;__; @drummergirl691 ... and when i do end up with a partner, it someone I have to teach!
2 years ago·Reply
Right!! lol Glad I'm not the only one. lol @alywoah
2 years ago·Reply
You're definitely not the only one haha @drummergirl691
2 years ago·Reply
ummm... I think Im the single and count dance sometimes.. depends on who Im dancing with... Im def not a pro but o love it!!! ☺
2 years ago·Reply
Yes, I am definitely not a pro either! Bachata is just so fun <3 @jazziejazz
2 years ago·Reply