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A video for your thought.
Also, @jordanhamilton this is the video that I was referring to in your post, which you all should check out here.
I saw this video earlier this summer. I am obsessed!!!! thanks for tagging me.
I’ve seen this video! I think it’s so cool. I think I strive my best to aware in my every day life, but even I struggle to look around on the subway. haha it’s just easier to live in my own world.
In my corner of the world, almost everyone has their head glued to their tablets or phones. Sometimes earphones jammed into their ears too. I have adopted the earphones culture too. This video just reminded me that maybe finding love is not really a quadratic equation. 😝😝
Beautiful and thought provoking!
Hahaha but sometimes it sure does seem like it! @grapetoes2000 I need to remember this video when it’s hard.