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First of all, everyone tells you to be yourself and when you are, everyone wants you to be someone else. If you don't eat or are naturally thin, people assume that you're anorexic. If you do eat, then you're a fatass. If you don't wear makeup then suddenly you're ugly. If you do, you're fake. If you're loud, you're annoying. If you're quiet, you're weird. If you have good grades and can keep them up, you're smart. If you're mentally ill and can't keep your grades up easily, you're stupid. Everyone puts labels on you that may or may not be true. People say that they'll love you no matter what but when they happen to find out or you tell them that you're not straight, then they leave you or neglect you. Parents expect you to act like an adult but treat you like a child. You're told you're too young for parties but then they force you to pick the career path you want to take for the rest of your life. Whenever something is wrong, adults blame it on the fact that you're a teenager and that "you're overreacting" Mental illnesses are brushed off like nothing and you're given the same excuse for why you're upset. Whenever you tell someone that there's something wrong with your body or otherwise, no one believes you. No one believes you in general. If you don't have a job or your driver's license then you're lame. The worst pain you've ever felt is no longer the scrape on your knee or your friend not inviting you to their super mega cool birthday party. When you have an actual idea or an opinion on an important issue, adults will make a lame excuse and say you're wrong. You're always wrong when you're a teenager because apparently, "you don't know anything" People expect you to know how to act like an adult when they never show you how, they just- tell you to do it. You get the poorly taught sex-ed even after you've already hit puberty. All you ever hear year-after-year is adults telling you to "stay abstinent" and "don't do drugs". Platonic friendships with the opposite sex is virtually impossible. It's wrong when you do this but all of your younger siblings can do it all they want. You have to follow your parent's rules while you're under their roof but you can't leave. Your parents get to decide what you do or want to do with your body. No tattoo. No piercing. You can't wear this. You can't wear that. If you show a hint of attitude then you're instantly a terrible person. My mom spit me out her lady holes over a decade ago and now everyone hates me for it.
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I love this xD great card :3 Pretty damn accurate and it sucks, but hey, at least we come out stronger than the ones younger than us, then we teach them what we learn, which is to ignore everyone and dominate your thinking on yourself and not on others' bad influences