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The End is upon us!
Salutations my fellow vinglers! As a criminally insane person who was born and immediately placed in a straight jacket I did what any other insane person would do. Im going into politics I decided to throw my hat into the ring for Vingle office. Fear not despite me being insane Im also smart and understanding. Unlike most politicians now I am brutally honest and I will have no issues with telling you exactly how it is. When I debate with other vinglers I will be able to understand numerous view points at once. If I become president I shall make it more open and help make sure everything is fair. Any minor annoyances will be taken care of most hast. Since lets face it most of us are respectful and I shall help to maintain our way of peace and communication. I shall also continue on my relentless torture of giving you awesome writing that will make you feel something.
Before I continue my relentless torture that has served me thus far I shall ask for five vinglers to join me in this amazing quest of badassity.
And I would like to thank you all for your consideration -Looks from side to side hoping no one gets it-
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