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@MaighdlinS No Game No Life the word game scene. Now that is a scene you dont want ppl to see
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"Why do all your drawings suck?"  ~Ichigo to Rukia
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@MaighdlinS The light novel has the images in it too. So i cant read it at work. x.x And when i am home i get distracted
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@CarlosG I feel you there lol.... I just recently tried to convince someone and then they walked in when I was watching food wars.... the visuals after they eat the food are well.... if you've seen it.. you know...
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@CarlosG @MaighdlinS yeah...try to show your friend anime...all normal until you decide to say hey come watch this is think you'll enjoy it...and then <Hajime no Ippo; takamura penis the shower with elephant trumpets>...yup totally all that the animes about...
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