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I'll never watch One Piece! I was scarred as a child! I have a phobia of body horror and anything like. Guess what started it? One Piece. I refuse to watch that anime! XD D'X (I am laughing at how ridiculous this sounds then I'm crying because I'm dead serious)
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awww well I'm the same way about goosebumps so I can understand lol. I didn't know about one piece until a few years ago honestly so I just started watching it.
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funny thing is I love goosebumps! reading is the best. the shows are eh
2 years ago·Reply
@Priscillasdoor haha so funny!... I was traumatized when I was little... I always hid when my dad watched it...
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ill watch it for you. im only on episode 185 lmao. can you read the manga? or same deal
2 years ago·Reply
I'm sure the Manga shows him stretching so yeah no sorry
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