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Villain Battle! Madara Vs Aizen!

Hey Vingle Otaku Family!

We're back again with yet another installment in the Versus series of cards! I should really make a collection...

As it stands right now, the victors of each matchup have gone like this:
Akame Vs Erza - Erza (just barely)

Anyways! Today let's focus on some of the most badass of baddies, and determine who we think would win as a community!

This fight is between two of the biggest villains in anime:

Madara Uchiha and Sosuke Aizen

Madara Uchiha - Juubi Form

In this form, Madara has absorbed the Ten-tailed beast, becoming the epitome of power in the world of Naruto.
With his Rinne Sharingan, Madara can summon massive meteors, causing untold destruction, as well as cast the Infinite Tsukuyomi.
Madara has the boundless elvels of chakra granted to him by the tailed beasts, and is capable of using techniques from each of the six paths.

Sosuke Aizen - Hogkyoku Form

After Aizen implanted the Hogyoku into his body, he gained tremendous reiatsu, as well as speed and strength. In this form, he is akin to a god.
His zanpakuto has fused to his arm in this form, and he has the strength to rend massive holes in the ground with just a slight swing of his sword/arm.
In this final transformation, his staggering reiatsu is enough to dissolve lesser souls, and he can create devastating, crater-leaving blasts from the ends of his wings.

Cast your votes, everyone!

Really consider everything you know about these two high-caliber villains and make informed points about who you think would win, and why.

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madara and akame would kick erza out of the park
2 years ago·Reply
madara with out a doubt he can use his limbo you can't beat something thing you can't see.
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a year ago·Reply
this is a old post but I like to throw my 2 cents in the hyogoku is indestructible described in bleach Madara has little spheres that can annihilate anything it touches this is where everything will be decided not genjutsu or mind control will win this here it's either the hyogoku gets destroyed or doesn't, if it gets destroyed Madara wins if it doesn't he loses I'm going to have to go with Aizen even if Madara does have more techniques the hyogoku is basically like a wish orb the keeps evolving it's host to make him stronger and stronger they both have unlimited power the the power of evolution is what makes a difference here it all depends on hyogoku being destroyed or not
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