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Attention everyone, a new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer will be coming to us during Monday Night Football on ESPN. But before then, you can tease yourself with some moments from the next trailer below!
(Sure, they're only about 10-15 seconds each but new Star Wars is new Star Wars and did I forget to mention NEW STAR WARS?)
I don't usually flock to new trailers/teasers like this because I like keeping myself in the dark until the actual movie comes out so I can be fully surprised when I finally watch the movie. But Star Wars has such a storied history that I have to keep up with all the news even if it's just a little bit.
Not much happens in the teaser above but seeing Oscar Issac's character interact with John Boyega's was (for some reason) enough to get me excited about whatever is going on in the movie.
This next one is a little longer and we get some visuals we've already seen but it's still exciting. I wonder what everyone's looking at so confusedly. I mean, this teaser literally tells us nothing but I guess in a way it does its job by making my anticipation for the full trailer hit a level so high that my body literally doesn't know how to react. (I'm sweating profusely and I can't stop).
This one is short but, to me, is the most interesting. I want to know what planet she's on and why there are so many ships flying by and they all look like TIE Fighters going by. And what's Daisy Ridley's character all concerned about. What exactly is happening? Why am I so excited? Why can't it be Monday Night Football time already?
I know I'm coming off overly excited and I know I should be a little careful with this kind of excitement especially knowing the way those Star Wars prequels turned out. But I don't know. I grew up watching the Original Trilogy and I wasted my teen years watching the Prequel Trilogy, so whether it's positive or negative they still hold a place in my heart.
I sincerely hope that the movie turns out better than any of us expect. And don't forget the new trailer will be premiering during Monday Night Football (making this the first time I was ever excited for a football game).
The trailer will be shown during half-time in the game between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles. And the game stars at 8:15pm Eastern/5:15pm Pacific, so like, figure out where to watch it or keep it on that "last channel button" so you can go back and forth easily.
As soon as I get to watch the trailer a couple (thousand) times, I'll be sure to write a card about the whole thing.
@Danse oh definitely its all about the snacking haha and smuggling them in is very Han Solo of you, I'm impressed
*Does some eternal screaming* Before I go see this I'm going to the dollar store and buying an extra large bag of twizzlers and milk duds for this movie. I may have to smuggle them in the theater down my pants, but something this exciting requires large amounts of snackage. xD
I. Can't. Wait.
having a ghost president
man, these are really cool! and mostly I think unseen footage. but you know what's cooler than cool?
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