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Hello Fairy Tail Fans! Here are all the couples we wish would show more in the show or shipped as soon as we saw them together!
Wendy and Romeo!! I love how these two are the youngest (besides Asuka) in the guild. I wish they would spend more time together especially since there like the same age now due to the 7 year gap. I hope this couple becomes something in the future.
Sting and Yukino!! I love how cute they look together honestly even though Sting had a bad boy act in the beginning. Now that he's guild master for Sabertooth I love how passionate he is now for his guild and comrades and hopefully he gets more passionate about Yukino too!
Rogue and Yukino! I ship Yukino with Sting but I wouldn't be disappointed if Rogue and Yukino got together in the end. Ever since Rogue groped Yukino on accident and Sting defending her right after probably had fans shipping the three of them. In the end Yukino and Rogue compliment each other as well.
Cana and Bacchus!! They are perfect for each other like a match made in heaven. Two people that can hold their liquor and wild at the same time its just too perfect really hope they end up together as well.
Cobra (Erik) and Kinana!! Kinana and Cobra are beautiful together and were together since they were small although Kinana wasn't always human she used to be Cobras purple venom snake called Cubellios. Ever since she turned human she has no memory of her past. Cobra thinking he lost his companion forever finally finds Kinana and has his wish come true which was to hear his best friends voice. I really hope they see each other again and become something cute.
Loke and Aries!! I love the idea of them together really even though Like is a massive playboy you can tell he really cares for Aries especially when he swapped places for her when Karen Lillica was beating her up. They make a really cute couple don't you think
I hope you enjoyed this and comment below if there are any more couples you would wish to see on the show!
but kinabra isn't very likely no matter how much i love it because they never met in the manga and after the one year gap kinana wasn't found and the anime practically goes by the manga. just shittier bc that's how they all are so people will buy the manga.
@CindyLin I thought they just referred each other like that if they were on the episode when they saw each other again I'm sure they would have said it then.
Um.....I thought Lokes and Aries were siblings...or was I wrong?
zervis did happen. that's how mavis died. zeref kissed her. then she died. (manga, alvarez arc)
the mamga is getting real now
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