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so @SehunArmy @SierraWilson16 and I, otherwise known as Ksquad went out tonight. we started off by going to fortune star a Chinese buffet. We taught Sierra how to use chopsitcks. We did the Wasabi challenge and basically had an amazing time
then we went to sincerely yogurt across the plaza whoop!!!
the girl working was also a little into kpop, she saw my BTS shirt and all four of us instantly bonded. she let us take over pandora in the shop and play kpop with no care. we danced and sang while waiting for our BUBBLE TEA!!!!!!!!!!
none of us have ever had bubble tea before so this was probably the highlight of the night. I got raspberry passionfruit, Sierra got Blueberry orange, and Bri got mango blueberry.
and that's all for Xiumin, D.O. and Sehun's night out <3
love you babe
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I just choked on a bubble again
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