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The Vingle Practice Room [New Collection!]


So last week, I wrote a card about 5 of my favorite practice videos, and I was really surprised by just how many different practice videos people commented about. So I decided to make a new collection dedicated to sharing & discussing practice videos!

Now, I know we already talk about practice videos a lot, but this will be kind of like a big resource of PRACTICE ROOM FEELS for all of us. No harm in that, right?

So if you want to visit the Vingle Practice Room,

I'll also take requests so if there's a video you'd like to see added just comment here or on any card ^^
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Thanks for all your suggestions for practice videos on my other card!! I'm going to work on adding them all here one by one ^^ @baileykayleen @JaxomB @merryjayne13 @kpopisnylife @KpopQueenaBee @tayunnie @crazyalyk
@baileykayleen Thanks!!! I think it'll just be fun to rewatch and spaz over practice room videos together hahaha and there's so many of them so we can do this for like ever XD