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this was probably my favorite part about this weeks episode. i was kinda dumbfounded when so and so appears. anyone else agree with me?!?!
Don't get me wrong I heart so and so mucho gusto but im 1000% sure thats not the way it went down in the manga. I would to love to hear everyones thoughts and what not. Oh yah i hope everyone is having an awesome weekend! ^_^
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Yeah in the preview, everyone was mad and was like "Why is Laxus there? Gray was supposed to be the one that came in, so how is Gajeel gonna know he uses Ice Devil Slayer Magic now?" But I'm not caught up to the manga because I started watching the anime before reading the manga, but I am caught up in the anime. I'm only on chapter 180 so I have a long way to go. So yeah idk what's gonna happen but everyone was mad that it was Laxus instead of Gray.