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So BigBang was spending the night at my house. We just came back from a haunted house and decided to watch a horror movie. My boyfriend, GD Oppa, was sitting next to me. I was really scared so I climbed into his lap and buried my head into his chest. "GD-Oppa~! I'm scared," I whispered to him. "Shh Jessica it's only a movie," he tells me, "I have a solution, why don't I distract you with my kisses." A scary part pops up and I squeal into his chest with fear. He slowly lifts my chin up and starts kissing me softly on the lips. Everyone else was distracted with the movie until they heard our kissing sounds. They started to tease us but we just ignored them as the kisses were becoming more heated. In the end it turned into a full blown make out session and I wasn't scared anymore.
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Gd cheated on me