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d.gray man (Road Kamelot)
Road Kamelot is the ninth disciple of the noah fanily, and her Noah name is Road. She represents the "Dreams" of Noah. She was the only member of the Noah Family other than the Earl to survive Nea's attack thirty-five years ago, and she seems to have had a fairly close relationship with Nea before he went rogue.
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Seeing this makes me think of the song road always sung 😆
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@tayhar18920 🎶🎶🎼Lord Millennium Is in search of you, Looking for the heart now. Have you heard the news? Maybe you stole it from him. I'll see if it's true.🎶🎼🎶
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Haha sweet ,I have every word memorized already I also can play it on the piano😉@shemoo
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