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Have You Seen Them Dance Bachata?!

Ohhh, you'll fall in love when you find the right Dominican who's bachata moves are just so PERFECT. You'll feel like you're falling for him once you meet him on the dance floor for the first time. Bachata is their secret weapon -- and it works. Ooohhh lord it works.
Just don't fall TOO fast!

Family is Important

And they always come first. They are very loyal to their family --especially to the women in their family. They want to look out for their family, and make sure they're being taken care of. Also, have you ever been to a Dominican party? It's a freaking blast and it's all about love. You'll feel like you're a part of the family once you walk into the room.

They Can Be Very Romantic

Dominican men definitely know how be romantic -- they way they talk, dance, and love. Being charming is just in their blood. And when they love, they REALLY love. They are dedicated to the person they are with. They tend to be very committed, too.

They Know How to Have Fun

They are playful and they are just fun to chill with. They are funny as hell and you'll never have a boring day with a Dominican man. They joke, they laugh, and they are free-spirited people who are about having a fun and happy life.


Dominican men are HOOOTTT. Even Prince Royce's smile makes me swoon. Dominican people are mixed and come in all kinds of gorgeous shades. They. Are. Just. So. Damn. PERFECT. Everything about them is hot, and excuse me as I fan myself...

Woooooo! It's hella hot in here!

i know right
Yes :) ...I am Puerto Rican but I've been around Dominican men and the ones I've met are really awesome. @Margaretstar
thats so true
I just want Christian one who desires Family Truth & faithfulness. alywoah!
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