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Here's the episode, hopefully this works out which it should and if you can't really understand what's going on just tell me and I'll just start the posts with the next season.
*At the Trouper residence*
Mr. Trouper: Let’s see here since Rocky’s birthday is tomorrow I’ll look for a tournament we can fight in.
*Then Mr. Trouper pulled open a tournament site on his computer to try and find the perfect one*
Mr. Trouper: Let’s see the Running in the Leaves Race, another Typony Conpetition, hmh. A cutie huggie battle, what the? Come to the Fairy Realm on October 31st in order to join a hug circle, whoever can hug the most first wins and another prize goes out to the happiest because it doesn’t matter, Rocko Fistor would kill me if I signed him up. Hey what’s this a Rock Realm tournament, every type qualifiable for entry, you will battle one on one, for a grand prize the stone and glove cup this will be perfect.
*Then Mr. Trouper called up Rocko Boulder*
Mr. Trouper: Hello Rocko Boulder?
*Rocko Boulder’s talking on the other line*
Mr. Trouper: I was just wondering if we could take part in the competition in your realm.
*Rocko Boulder*
Mr. Trouper: WHAT!? *gulp* Ok..I guess we’ll be right over just hang on.
*Rocko Boulder*
Mr, Trouper: See ya…
*Then Mr. Trouper hung up*
Mr. Trouper: Sweetie I’ve gotta go the Rock Realm needs our help.
*Then Mr. Trouper ran out the door*
Mrs. Trouper: But what about your breakfast..*sigh*
*Outside boarding the Typical Mobile*
Mr. Trouper: It’s time for Type Creatures!
*Theme Song*
3 Random Creatures: A Rocko’d Battler!
Jolt Bolter: Aw man Psychic Creature you must be really excited for tomorrow.
Psychic Creature: How could I not be psyched for..
Both: Constructo Land!
Dragon Creature: Aw man yeah I’m totally coming too!
Jolt Bolter: Sorry dude you’re not cool enough.
Psychic Creature: In addition to what Jolt Bolter stated, you may also follow up there by trying to consume the attractions.
Dragon Creature: What do you mean by “consume the attractions”.
Psychic Creature: Well you have consumed many of my Constructos whenever I was still a common water creature.
Water Creature: Aw man this is so amazing I finally made the Crobat Cave and Darthimasilum!
Electric Creature: Aw man these are pretty cool dude.
Water Creature: Thanks, what do you think Fire Creature?
Fire Creature: I think I’m hungry.
*Then Fire Creature started chewing up Water Creature’s constructos*
Water Creature: That’s it!
*Then Psychic Creature started chasing Dragon Creature offscreen*
Dragon Creature: Dude that’s all in your head!
Jolt Bolter: Roll the cartoon.
*Inside the Typical Mobile*
Munna Oona: Hello.
Flamey: Sup’
Rocko Fistor: What do you mean sup’ we’re going to the Rock Realm because Rocko Boulder’s in danger, not just that but a tournament is also a stake!?
Giltron: Woah dude take a chill pill seriously you’re out of control.
Jolt Spark: I’m going to mirror him.
Rocko Fistor: You dare do that and I will!
*Then Rocko Fistor grabbed Jolt Spark by the neck*
Rocko Fistor: You say one more word and you won’t be able to make funny impressions anymore!
*Then Razor Leaf boarded*
Razor Leaf: Hey guys sup’? Are you ok Jolt Spark?
*Then Jolt Spark used discharge on Rocko Fistor*
Jolt Spark: Of course I am but I don’t know about Rocko Dude.
*Then the typicals all look at Rocko Fistor who’s paralyzed on the ground*
Rocko Fistor: Need to help Rocko..Boulder…
Mr. Trouper: Alright guys we’re almost to the Rock Realm.
Rocko Fistor: Aw man we need to get there ASAP!
Munna Oona: What did the Hexers do?!
Rocko Fistor: They’ll find out what I’ll do to them soon enough!
*Then the Typical Mobiles lands*
*Rock Realm Fall*
Rocko Fistor: Where do you suggest we start the search?
*Then the typicals see a rock floating in the water*
Razor Leaf: Wait a minute that’s.
*Then Razor Leaf used a vine whip to bring up Rocko Boulder*
Typicals: Rocko Boulder!?
Rocko Boulder: Dude help, he did this, to us..
Rocko Fistor: He who?!
Rocko Boulder: Dis..
*Then a flash of pink light came over the land and a skeleton replaced Rocko Boulder*
Rocko Fistor: Dude, dude!? DUDE!? NO!! *starts to cry*
Munna Oona: Mr. Trouper is this how a rock type skeleton appears?
Mr. Trouper: I’m afraid so but remember the Hexers would never bring death this was Disharmony but we need to find out where he put Rocko Boulder.
Rocko Fistor: *trying to catch his breath* So this isn’t him?
Mr. Trouper: If I said it was I’d be lying like the culprit.
Flamey: But are you sure it was Disharmony it could’ve been Waveo just look at the water.
Rocko Fistor: It could’ve been the Hexers.
Jolt Spark: What about the Kaboomis?
Munna Oona: The cuties could’ve just teleported him.
Razor Leaf: There’s really no way to find out unless we investigate. Remember Steve from school?
Giltron: Aw man apart from Austin we were actually really good friends he was my backup friend, but actually the reason I got expelled, never mind.
Disharmony: Let’s find out how Steven would treat you today.
*Then Disharmony snapped his fingers and Steven appeared in the Rock Realm*
Steven: Woah, who, what, when, where, why?! Typicals?!
Typicals: Steven!?
Giltron: Aw dude it’s been too long, how’s it going?
Steven: Oh it’s alright I recently got a job as an FBI intern and we were in the middle of investigating a crime scene with this one typical group I thought it was you but guess not.
Rocko Fistor: So Steven you’re still into solving mysteries?
Steven: Heck yeah you need something solved I find at least 3 clues in the first 22 minutes, in fact here’s one now this skeleton is fake.
Rocko Fistor: We kind of already knew that..
Steven: In fact here’s another very interesting clue this skeleton has no fingerprints on it let me examine yours.
*Then Steven studied the hands of the typicals*
Steven: Impossible your hands would emit fingerprints how did this appear?
Jolt Spark: A blast of pink light.
Steven: That’s illogical but if we can find out what emitted the pink light there must be someway to solve the mystery. How about you guys split up and look for clues.
Mr. Trouper: Alright Giltron you lead Flamey and Munna Oona in that direction and Rocko Fistor you lead Jolt Spark and Razor Leaf in the other direction I’ll search from above.
Steven: And I’ll wait here incase the pink light comes back.
*Then the typicals parted ways*
Mr. Trouper: Let’s see what I can find.
*Then Mr. Trouper flew up in the Typical Mobile and saw Disharmony on a cliff*
Mr. Trouper: Disharmony!?
*From a distance*
Disharmony: That’s correct Troopy now watch as I make the ground disappear!
*Then Disharmony pressed on a rock and the Rock Realm started flying away*
Mr. Trouper: Well now I know who caused this.
*With Rocko Fistor, Jolt Spark, and Razor Leaf*
Rocko Fistor: Aw man I don’t feel good anymore it’s like we’re rising.
Razor Leaf: Aw man I feel it too, kind of dizzy, it’s moving fast!
Jolt Spark: Rocko Dude, Razor Bro. snap out of it it’s all in your heads and in fact I made Rocko Fistor a present just for this kind of emergency.
Rocko Fistor: Awesome what is it?
Jolt Spark: Here we go with the glove set 1800 here we have one pair of punching gloves for every type, it can also transform your type as well.
Rocko Fistor: Let me see that.
*Then a fake Hexinia came by*
Hexinia: Oh no you don’t I’ll be taking those.
*Then with Hexinia’s wand she took all of Rocko Fistor’s punching gloves only leaving the fairy gloves*
Rocko Fistor: Dude why did you make cute fairy gloves!?
Jolt Spark: So then you can fight without infiltration now come on!
Rocko Fistor: *sigh* Fine..
*Then Rocko Fistor picked up the cute fairy gloves and then a flash of pink light came and Rocko Fistor was gone*
Jolt Spark and Razor Leaf: Rocko Fistor!?
Razor Leaf: Wait a minute Hexinia’s gone.
Jolt Spark: But so are the punching gloves!
*With Steven*
Steven: The flash of pink light came from this direction!
*Then Steven followed the flash of pink light to a cave in which he found Rocko Fistor hanging*
Steven: Rocky?
Rocko Boulder: Ugh, Rocko Fistor do you know what’s going to happen?
Rocko Fistor: No, but I’m sorry about your realm.
Rocko Boulder: Dude no it’s your birthday I’m just sorry that I tricked you guys into coming to this realm.
Rocko Fistor: WHAT!?
Rocko Boulder: *sigh* Just kidding…
Disharmony: *sounding like an announcer* Now it’s time for the main attraction the flashy feminine fashion show.
*Then Disharmony snapped his fingers and Rocko Fistor and Rocko Boulder appeared in ballroom dresses and makeup and then a giant crowd with everyone in the typical universe appeared*
Disharmony: And since today’s our little princess’s sweet 16 let’s take 1600 pictures of her shall we!?
Crowd: *cheering*
*Then everyone in the crowd takes multiple pictures of Rocko Fistor and sends it around social media*
Rocko Fistor: It’s over...typicals please help..
Steven: This is terrible I need to call one of the typicals but I don’t have their number.
Disharmony: But no show would be complete without some magic.
*Then Disharmony snapped his fingers and Steven appeared in center stage*
Disharmony: Now you will see my next act turning this earth boy into a dog of illogical color!
Steven: What, NO!
Disharmony: Yes! Let’s randomize it!
*Then Disharmony transformed Steven into an olive dog*
Steven: Turn me back at once!
Disharmony: And a woof woof to you too.
*Then Disharmony used a tranquilizer transforming Steven into a legit dog in a kennel*
Crowd: Aww.
Steven: *howling and scratching*
Rocko Boulder: Where are you guys?
*With the typicals at the main meeting point*
Flamey: Did you guys find anything?
Razor Leaf: No but Rocko Fistor vanished.
Jolt Spark: Where’s Gildude!?
Munna Oona: I’m not sure a flash of pink light took him away also.
Mr. Trouper: Guys follow me we need to stop Disharmony.
*Then the typicals boarded the typical mobile and flew into the sky*
Razor Leaf: What’s that?
Mr. Trouper: Disharmony’s hideout come on!
*Then the typicals flew down and landed at Disharmony’s circus*
Disharmony: And that was our most recent act Gilly the flopping manfish!
Giltron: C..can’t breath…
*Then Giltron fainted*
Jolt Spark: Now it’s time for the moment you’ve all been waiting for!
Flamey: The flaming hotstar Flamey!
*Then Flamey blasted through a canon causing the sprinklers to go off and Giltron’s lungs returned*
Giltron: *gasp*
Munna Oona: The mind marator!
*Then Munna Oona used her mind to change Rocko Fistor and Rocko Boulder back to normal*
Razor Leaf: The Iron Prince!
*Then Razor Leaf used 2 metal leaforangs to break the chains holding up the Rockos*
Jolt Spark: And now for the finishing act the yellow spotlight from the star!
*Then Jolt Spark used a flash attack and blinded everyone in the stadium then he took back his punching gloves*
Mr. Trouper: Amazing now let’s make a run for..it..
Rocko Fistor: I..I..I..I..I..scared of heights..
Disharmony: That’s not all you should fear you’ve ruined my show and now everyone in Typical Earth is asking for refunds now I’ll ruin your entire show career as protagonists!
*Then Disharmony snapped his fingers and a giant swiffer appeared to push the typicals off of the ground platform*
Munna Oona: We need to fight back, Psychic!
*Then Munna Oona’s power started reflecting the swiffer*
Giltron: Hydro Pump!
Flamey: Flamethrower!
Razor Leaf: Cotton Guard!
*Then the swiffer disappeared*
Disharmony: Oh you think that’ll help!
*Then Disharmony snapped his fingers and the typicals fell to their doom*
Flamey: Wait a minute we can levitate!
*Then the typicals went back up*
Giltron: But wait Rocko Fistor!
Rocko Fistor: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Jolt Spark: Rocko Dude catch!
*Then Jolt Spark threw the flying gloves at Rocko Fistor and he turned into a flying type*
Rocko Fistor: Your gift saved my life Jolt Spark, thank you.
Disharmony: *sounding like a little girl* Ooh you saved me I’m so grateful, BLEAH! You’ll soon see what happens when we rise to this upcoming black hole, tata!
*Then Disharmony snapped his fingers and he was gone*
Mr. Trouper: C’mon we’ve gotta teleport!
Munna Oona: Right.
*Then Mr. Trouper and Munna Oona tried to teleport but it wouldn’t work*
Munna Oona: It won’t work we are doomed!
Rocko Boulder: Not on my watch, watch this smack down!
*Then Rocko Boulder sent a rock on the platform causing the typicals to plummet back down towards the rock realm*
Razor Leaf: Now we’re going in too quick.
Rocko Fistor: C’mon I just got an idea whenever we make it into the Typical Realms Ozone layer we’ll perform a psychic attack it should be strong enough to at least slow us down.
Munna Oona: Academic and well thought out good job Rocko.
Mr. Trouper: Stay vigilant and hold on typicals, Munna Oona, Rocko Fistor.
Psychic Types: Psychic!
*Then using psychic the trio slowed down the platform and lowered it calmly back onto the surface*
Typicals: Whew..
Rocko Fistor: Man that was amazing!
Rock Goro: It sure was do you want to establish that tournament now?
Rocko Fistor and Rocko Boulder: Of course!
*Then the typicals set up a giant tournament arena*
Announcer Goro: Welcome one and all to the first annual Rock Realm Boulderfist tournament brought to you by our own Rocko Boulder and visiting typical Rocko Fistor who has a birthday today, let us here how awesome he is!
Fighting Champs: ROCKO’S THE BEST!
Rocko Fistor: That’s a lot better.
Announcer Goro: So for starters we have the typicals Flamey, Giltron, Rocko Fistor, Jolt Spark, Munna Oona and Razor Leaf. Then we have the typicals two Daisy, Aquastin, Zac Attack, Flaming Jolt, Psychofia and River Leech, then we have the evil organization of Kaboomis Wavely, Weed Spark, Skyro Soarer, Digger Erupter, Dark Dour, and Fiery Flame. With the leaders Mr. Trouper and Mega Botron alongside Rocko Boulder let the tournament commence!
Typicals VS Kaboomis VS Typicals 2 VS Rocko Boulder FIGHT!!
Mr. Trouper: I’m sorry this has to be done but we’re up first.
Flaming Jolt: Oh yeah you’re going to be sorry when you lose.
Mr. Trouper: Here I come with a metronome!
*Then metronome turned into teleport*
Flaming Jolt: Where’d he go?
Mr. Trouper: Earthquake!
*Then Flaming Jolt was greatly hurt*
Flaming Jolt: Oh come on take a Fart Flame!
*Then Flaming Jolt farted sending a giant flame back at Mr. Trouper burning him*
Mr. Trouper: Hm a poison and fire attack not bad but I’ll do better with metronome!
*Then metronome turned into Swagger and it confused Flaming Jolt*
Flaming Jolt: Alright I’m the best, I’m just going to finish this off with thunderbolt!
*Then Flaming Jolt hurt himself in the confusion*
Mr. Trouper: This move is for you Rocko Fistor, Precipice Blades!
*Then Flaming Jolt was KO’d*
Announcer Goro: Typicals 1, Typicals 2 0, Kaboomis 0!
Razor Leaf: Aw man I’m against Skyro Soarer!
Skyro Soarer: Rocky may have the focus sash but I doubt you’re holding anything, Hurricane!
*Then Razor Leaf was greatly hurt*
Razor Leaf: Oh yeah brine!
Skyro Soarer: That won’t hurt.
*Then Skyro Soarer used his wings to break apart the attack*
Skyro Soarer: I’m one “brave bird”!
*Then Skyro Soarer tried ramming into Razor Leaf*
Razor Leaf: Oh yeah I’ll reflect with a vine whip!
*Then using his vine Razor Leaf stopped the attack while hurting Skyro Soarer*
Skyro Soarer: Well played but now’s the time to finish this Air Cutter!
*Then Razor Leaf was greatly hurt and flinched*
Skyro Soarer: Quick Attack!
*Then Razor Leaf was KO’d*
Announcer Goro: Typicals 1, Typicals 2 0, Kaboomis 1!
Rocko Fistor: Sweet I’m finally in!
Wavely: Yeah but you won’t win, Fashion Flood!
*Then Wavely sent out a tidal wave with make-up in it*
Rocko Fistor: UGH no!
*Then the wave hit Rocko Fistor transforming him into a girl*
Wavely: What do you think of my gender changing move?
Rockilina Fistle: Nice played but now it’s my turn High Jump Kick!
*Then Rockilina cracked Wavely’s helmet and it broke*
Wavely: My fashion! You’ll pay for that Hydro Cannon!
Rockilina Fistle: Hyper Punch!
*Then Rockilina reflected the attack back to Wavely along with a fighting move and she was greatly hurt*
Rockilina Fistle: Finish that off with close combat!
*Then Wavely was KO’d*
Announcer Goro: Typicals 2, Typicals 2 0, Kaboomis 1!
Rocko Fistor: I’m so glad that’s over.
Mega Botron: It’s just you and me Gilly, if you lose you’ll have to stop coming over.
Giltron: If you lose you’ll have to allow Wavely to join the typicals.
Mega Botron: Bring it on, Zap Cannon!
Giltron: Dive!
*Then Giltron hid underwater*
Mega Botron: Earthquake!
*Then Giltron was greatly hurt and surfaced without attacking*
Mega Botron: Ready to end this, Leaf Storm!
*Then Giltron was greatly hurt*
Giltron: Water Wave!
*Then a giant wave came rushing down underneath Mega Botron*
Giltron: Soak!
*Then Mega Botron became a water type*
Mega Botron: Fighting fire with fire respectable but doesn’t matter I’ll beat you at your own game, Waterfall!
*Then Giltron was KO’d*
Announcer Goro: Typicals 2, Typicals 2 0, Kaboomis 2!
Psychofia: Battling a main typical.
Flamey: Bring it, Flame Flash!
*Then Flamey emitted a blinding light so Psychofia couldn’t see*
Flamey: Eruption!
*Then Psychofia was greatly hurt*
Psychofia: Dazzling Mind!
*Then Flamey became confused*
Psychofia: Psychic!
*Then Psychofia tried to attack but Flamey evaded*
Flamey: Discharge!?
*Then Flamey hurt herself in her confusion*
Psychofia: So poor, hypnosis!
*Then Flamey was put to sleep*
Psychofia: Dream Eater!
*Then Flamey started to weaken but then she woke up*
Flamey: Magma Storm!
*Then Psychofia was greatly hurt*
Flamey: I’ll finish it off with heat wave!
*Then Psychofia survived at one HP but was burned*
Psychofia: Last Resort!
*Then Psychofia emitted a strong power and Ko’d Flamey but then she was hurt by the burn*
Announcer Goro: Typicals 3, Typicals 2 1, Kaboomis 2!
Daisy: So I’m battling a grass guy.
Weed Spark: *sounding infiltrated* gulp, y.yeah you are..
Daisy: *giggle* Ok Sludge bomb!
*Then Weed Spark was greatly hurt and poisoned*
Daisy: Are you going to fight back?
Weed Spark: Huh? Oh right Fusion Bolt!
*Then Daisy was greatly hurt and paralyzed*
Daisy: That’s more like it Sludge Wave!
*Then Weed Spark was greatly hurt*
Weed Spark: Leech Seed!
*Then Weed Spark took some of Daisy’s energy to heal himself*
Daisy: You may think I’m cute because we’re grass types but I’m not giving in, I’ll finish it off with Sludge Bomb!
*Then Weed Spark was KO’d*
Announcer Goro: Typicals 3, Typicals 2 2, Kaboomis 2!
Mega Botron: A grass and water type huh Freeze Dry!
*Then River Leech was frozen*
River Leech: I c..can’t f..fight..
Mega Botron: Eruption!
*Then the ice melted and River Leech was burned*
River Leech: Hydro Cannon!
*Then Mega Botron was hurt*
Mega Botron: Whenever they ask me how I won I’m going to say it was nothing just because of the attack you just used, hurricane!
*Then River Leech was KO’d*
Announcer Goro: Typicals 3, Typicals 2 2, Kaboomis 3!
Daisy: Sweet a ground type.
Digger Erupter: Just watch out for my signature attack, Eruption!
*Then Daisy was greatly hurt*
Daisy: Petal Dance!
*Then Digger Erupter was greatly hurt*
Digger Erupter: Dig!
*Then Digger Erupter went underground*
Daisy: I can’t stop the attack!
*Then Daisy became confused*
Digger Erupter: Now for eruption!
*Then Daisy was Ko’d*
Announcer Goro: Typicals 3, Typicals 2 2, Kaboomis 4!
Rocko Fistor: Is this really happening?
Rocko Boulder: I’m afraid so but don’t just go easy on me because we’re friends.
Rocko Fistor: Right and remember type disadvantage doesn’t matter you might still win!
Rockos: Let’s do this!
Rocko Fistor: Close Combat!
*Then Rocko Boulder was greatly hurt*
Rocko Boulder: Rock Wrecker!
*Then Rocko Fistor was greatly hurt*
Rocko Fistor: Man you’re good but this is my day, Aura Sphere!
*Then Rocko Boulder went flying and hit the ground hard*
Rocko Fistor: Dude are you alright?
Rocko Boulder: OW! THAT’S IT, Rock Wrecker!
*Then Rocko Fistor was greatly hurt*
Rocko Fistor: Sorry, Aura Sphere!
*Then Rocko Boulder was KO’d*
Rocko Fistor: *sigh* No hard feelings.
Announcer Goro: Typicals 4, Typicals 2 2, Kaboomis 4!
Mega Botron: Pull that move on me I dare you.
Rocko Fistor: Alright Dynamic Punch!
*Then Rocko Fistor punched Mega Botron frenziedly but it didn’t do much*
Mega Botron: Hurricane!
*Then Rocko Fistor survived at one HP*
Rocko Fistor: Reversal!
*Then Mega Botron was Ko’d*
Rocko Fistor: Alright already defeated 3 typicals!
Announcer Goro: Typicals 5, Typicals 2 2, Kaboomis 4!
Fiery Flame: Aw man a water type, sunny day!
*Then the sun’s rays intensified*
Aquastin: Take a Hydro Pulse!
*Then Fiery Flame dodged the attack*
Fiery Flame: Solar Beam!
*Then Aquastin was greatly hurt*
Aquastin: Surf!
*Then Fiery Flame was greatly hurt*
Fiery Flame: Solar Beam!
*Then Aquastin was greatly hurt*
Fiery Flame: Solar Bea..
Aquastin: Rain Dance!
*Then the sunny day ended and it started raining*
Fiery Flame: m.
*Then Fiery Flame absorbed sunlight*
Aquastin: Hydro Cannon!
*Then Fiery Flame was KO’d*
Announcer Goro: Typicals 5, Typicals 2 3, Kaboomis 4!
Aquastin: Aw come on.
Jolt Spark: *sigh* This’ll be easy Zap Cannon!
*Then Aquastin was greatly hurt*
Aquastin: Hydro Pump!
*Then Jolt Spark was hurt*
Jolt Spark: Thunder!
*Then Aquastin was KO’d*
Announcer Goro: Typicals 6, Typicals 2 3, Kaboomis 4!
Mr. Trouper: Well I’m finally back out.
Skyro Soarer: Not for long whirlwind!
*Then Skyro Soarer blew Mr. Trouper out of the fight*
Skyro Soarer: I consider that forfeit!
*However then it was expose that Mr. Trouper defended himself using protect*
Skyro Soarer: Fly!
*Then Skyro Soarer flew high into the air*
Mr. Trouper: Metronome!
*Then metronome turned into sweet kiss*
Mr. Trouper: Wait for it.
*Then Skyro Soarer came down on Mr. Trouper and Mr. Trouper used sweet kiss*
Skyro Soarer: *confused* Why did you use that move?
Mr. Trouper: So I could go for a more manly attack like Fusion Bolt!
*Then Skyro Soarer was KO’d*
Announcer Goro: Typicals 7, Typicals 2 3, Kaboomis 4!
Dark Dour: Dark Void!
*Then Jolt Spark was put into a deep sleep*
Dark Dour: Nightmare!
*Then Jolt Spark was hurt*
Dark Dour: Dark Pulse!
*Then Jolt Spark was hurt*
Dark Dour: I’ll finish it off with foul play!
*Then Jolt Spark woke up*
Jolt Spark: Thunder!
*Then Dark Dour became paralyzed*
Jolt Spark: Thunder again!
*Then Dark Dour was greatly hurt*
Dark Dour: I’ll finish it off with Foul Play!
*Then Jolt Spark was KO’d*
Announcer Goro: Typicals 7, Typicals 2 3, Kaboomis 5!
Mr. Trouper: Let’s make this quick, Psychic!
*Then Zac Attack was KO’d*
Announcer Goro: Typicals 8, Typicals 2 3, Kaboomis 5!
Dark Dour: Dark Void!
*Then Mr. Trouper was put to sleep*
*In Mr. Trouper’s dream*
Mr. Trouper: Sleep Talk!
*Then Sleep Talk turned into Focus Blast then Dark Dour was KO’d*
Announcer Goro: Typicals 9, Typicals 2 3, Kaboomis 5!
Mr. Trouper: Hydro Cannon!
*Then Digger Erupter was KO’d*
Announcer Goro: Typicals 10!
Mr. Trouper: Well I guess that’s it.
Munna Oona: Think again now we’re battling.
Mr. Trouper: *whispering* Hey Oona let me take you down I just want to give Rocko Fistor a chance to win this before it gets too late.
Munna Oona: I conciet defeat!
*Then Munna Oona left the match*
Rocko Fistor: I guess it’s just you and me, do your best.
Mr. Trouper: Of course you too, metronome.
*Then metronome turned into flail but it didn’t do much*
Rocko Fistor: *sigh* Aura Sphere!
*Then Mr. Trouper was greatly hurt*
Mr. Trouper: Aw man I’m not doing my best I’ve been out for awhile, metronome.
*Then metronome turned into Assurance*
Rocko Fistor: Man your metronomes are weak depend on true power then it can be like a close combat!
*Then Mr. Trouper was greatly hurt*
Mr. Trouper: Psystrike!
*Then Rocko Fistor survived with his focus sash*
Rocko Fistor: Now’s my chance, Reversal!
*Then Mr. Trouper was KO’d*
Announcer Goro: And the winner of the competition is the fighting typical Rocko Fistor!
Typicals: Alright Rocko Fistor!
Rocko Boulder: Here you go the stone and glove cup.
*Then Rocko Boulder handed the prize over to Rocko Fistor*
Rocko Fistor: This is so cool.
Rocko Boulder: Happy birthday dude.
*Then the typicals boarded the typical mobile*
Rocko Fistor: Man that was an amazing birthday.
Giltron: I’ll say but doesn’t it feel like we’re forgetting about something?
Rocko Fistor: Wonder what.
*With Steven*
Steven: *howling* *Translation* Please cartoon aftermath return me to my original state!
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