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I live in a part of San Diego where a lot of people like to own horses, thanks to living next to a bunch of ranches and a hugely popular racetrack. I saw this bucket at the store a while back, and it made me laugh. Horses eat watermelon rinds?! Can anyone here who has ever raised a horse confirm or deny this?
Also, am I the only one who read this sign and thought of this:
@danidee its all how there organs are pieced together and how theyre supposed to function and I had 4 but now Im down to one. I had to sell 2 of them because I'm in college and one just passed away, but horses are a big part of my life. I love them to peices.
@mintey24 there ya go, she's got it lol
They can! But horses are hind-gut fermenters and have very delicate digestive systems so even though they can digest it, I still feel safe to give it to them in small doses because they usually have feed and hay or grass on a daily basis. Throwing it out of wack by feeding it too much of something else can cause problems. Even switching feeds on them has to be a careful and kinda slow process
@danidee they truly are, ive had all types of horses in my life but they all turn out to be loveable, sweet and I had a little filly earlier this year that was such a people pleaser ^-^ omg and are you near any local stables or equestrian centers? Get back in that saddle! :D
@danidee No, my mom was actually terrified of horses due to having one of her aunts get paralyzed by one in her childhood and my dad raised cows, goats, and pigs. I have no clue where my love of horses came from but I would crawl around as a baby saying "horsie! horsie!" and it started from there ^-^
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