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Got7 got it "Just Right" in these vids! [Fancam Feed]

I might not have gotten that far into Got7 yet, but boy do I like watching them perform!
They all look so boyfriend in all of these videos---the jeans + sweaters combinations just screams fall and I kind of want to go cuddle with them all /hides and tags @kpopandkimchi because I know she's fighting those got7 feels.
All of these videos are from the Incheon Sky Festival this past weekend (October 16, 2015)! Dark Sniper went there again so we have a bunch more nice fancams I'll be sharing this week ^^

Just Right

I really just love this dance and song so it gets to be first on this card @.@ I think it's my favorite got7 hit!

Stop, Stop It

I actually hadn't seen this dance before, pretty cute!!! The rapping in this is really nice.

Bounce (from JJ Project)

2:49 EVERYBODY. 2:49! (Also, I didn't know got7 performed JJ project songs as a whole, cool!)

Girls, Girls, Girls

They just look so CHILL on stage during this, you wouldn't even know that they have a huge stadium full of people watching them, because they're just so calm??? I really love the chill vibe they give off.

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@Meeshell I know!!! And they're so relaxed doing it! WE GET IT BOYS, you're cute. Now stahp. @AikoPalman oooo I've never seen a live fancam of that one!! I'll have to look for one ^^
@kpopandkimchi RIGHT? give me one of each, please. Preferably with the member still wearing it :)
I like If You Do by got7!
Got7 are awesome
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