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The weather is changing which means no more heat.

That goes for your hair products as well. It's time to put the flat irons and curlers down and go without to give your hair a rest. Just like you need a nice nap after a long week of work, your hair deserves a nap from all the heat every now and then. If you missed my card on straightening your hair minus heat [see here] than you are in for a sweet heatless treat because today is all about curling your hair with no heat. Sounds impossible doesn't it? Well, nothing is impossible -- especially when it comes to your hair.
Skipping heat will not only give your hair a much needed rest, but it will also cut down your morning prep routine [you would do this routine the night before]. No more rushing. Savor your morning coffee and bagel without spilling. Your hair and outfit will thank you immensely. To figure out how to get luscious, flowing curls that will last you throughout the day minus the heat -- take notes and click on the video above.
Im going to try that... I dont like using hot tools...
you are very welcome :) @bluewhiteyellow & definitely give it a try! @jazziejazz