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The top men over at Screenrant put together a 7-8 minute video reminding us that post-credits sequences existed before Marvel started using them as a way to tease everything they want to do in the future.
Usually when I see something with the words "seen", "never", and "you've" in a title I read/watch it with a sly smirk on my face. But for the first time since this style of titling has become the only way you should ever title anything if you want to write something on the Internet ever, don't forget it's all about likes, I felt like I actually saw something I haven't seen yet.
Even though Screenrant supplies us with 10 post-credits scenes, there were only two that grabbed my attention. And they're the scenes that start and end the video.
The first scene I'm talking about is from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End and the way it teases Will Turner returning to his family. That sort of alludes to the idea that they've been setting for the next sequel (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales where Orlando Bloom is supposed to return to the series).
And the second scene, is from Super Mario Bros. Yeah, that Super Mario Bros. And listen, I don't know why but I liked this movie. I mean, the last time I saw it, my age was still in single digits and one of the tools used to cut my hair other than scissors was a bowl but still, it's enjoyable if you're tiny little baby.
But as an adult, the funniest thing about this post-credits scene (for me, anyway) is that it tries to explain why this movie was so goddamn horrible. The little meeting implies that the movie isn't based on the games but the games are based on the movies as a "twist ending".
I mean, it isn't really twist ending. It's twist the same way the dollar-store toys are the same as real Toys 'R Us toys, if that makes any sense. Or if you squint at a stick figure long enough, it'll eventually look like something worth looking at. I don't how to make this analogy work so let's just agree that I'm a genius or something.
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I'd actually never seen that Super Mario Bros ending, so that was interesting. otherwise, screenrant delivers a typically bland serving of 'seen this before'