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this two animes have A LOT in common but they are both good. they are a good combination of comedy and romance.


The series tells the story of Hideki Motosuwa, who finds an abandoned persocom, or personal computer with human form, which he names "Chi" after the only word it initially can speak. As the series progresses, they explore the mysteries of Chi's origin together and questions about the relationship between human beings and computers


Exactly one year prior to the beginning ofDearS, humanity made unprecedented contact with extraterrestrial life. Forced to crash land into Tokyo Bay when, en route to their home planet of Thanatos, their spacecraft breaks down, 150 humanoid aliens are naturalizedinto Japanese society and affectionately nicknamed "DearS"; a portmanteau of the words "Dear" and "Friends". Takeya Ikuhara is a temperamental seventeen-year-old Japanese student attending the fictitious Koharu High School with a strong prejudice against the DearS. Due to a childhood scare, he believes that the aliens are fake, worthless beings that have generated nationwide overhype and are secretly plotting to take control of Earth
I've only watched Chobits. but I love blondes! and it was less fan servicey
I've never seen DearS myself, so I'll have to go with Chobits. it definitely gave me the feels sometimes. though now I'll add DearS to my list XD. what was your favorite between the two?
@VinMcCarthy i really do like both, chobits gives me the feels rigjt in the kokoro and DearS is really funny but i bit more pervy.... i chose feels over pervy.. Chobits..