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Hey!! Again i'm sorry for being gone for so long~ I just been busy with about nothing XD I'm kidding. Just a lot of highschool crap to do and dance classes and all that jazz. So, since I feel like I've been neglecting you guys I want to make a challenge!!
So here it goes:
I want you guys to list atleast 3 or 5 Kpop songs that helped you with any situation. Like what song gave you inspiration , got you through a tough spot, or a song that you can relate to/ reminds you of you or a situation you've been in. I'm gonna list mines below! So lets get started!!!!
Im gonna start from past to recent . SO here's #1 : IU Someday
This song means alooot to me. This song got me through the rest of elementary and middle school. I struggled with my social anxiety a lot during those times so it was really hard for me to go on. Though I had friends, I was always scared that they didn't really like me and soon leave me ( which was not the case sometimes) I still struggle with it but it;s not as bad. This song gave me hope to go on. This is literally my cheer up and don't give up song. The songs talks about the hardships of life but having hope that the sun will dry all the rain that's fallen. This song.... I can't explain with words how much I appreciate and how thankful I found this song and drama. Beautiful song and beautiful singer. Saranghae IU unnie!
Song #2: 2ne1 Ugly
Just like number 1, this song means a lot to me . Man I was a sad kid XD anyways. I always was a bit jealous of girl groups in kpop when I was younger so I didn't listen to many but when 2ne1 came out I was like ujauihfeunLKNDaiikefuhyuaeg.L because they wasn't your typical sexy or cutesy girl group. When they came out with this song I felt a whole connection with them. This song explained everything I felt back then and somewhat now. It's a song I listen to when I'm in those moods and want to just jfaie;ijf;aijueurfyal;kdfokeo
Song #3: Hyorin Lonely
Recently, this song has been my go to song. Lately, I just feel like what the lyrics are saying.I'm not that into k-indie (? I think this is what genre it is but im a bit ignorant in that subject so idk ummm or ballad) but this song is just very heart-breaking yet makes me feel so warm . It really comforts me a bit even though it's a sad song and her vocals is just ughmpppphhhh. This is my baby but anyways this song is very mellow and good.
Song #4: Zion.T Eat
This list wouldn't be complete without my ultimate music inspiration and music role model Zion.t . His music is really something I tell you~ Like his style , his voice, and his music is just so simple but yet unique and I love it!~~~
This song hits home for me . I tend to find myself in a situation where I'm too done with life and just fall out asleep in my room and never come out till the next day. Which leads to me not eating much and that pisses my mom off XD Listening to this song makes me feel comfortable and feel stress free. Like he's singing it just for me ( in ya dreams baby girl) Still this song is like a health tonic , it gives me energy and makes me want to eat apparently ( the song is called eat)
Song #5 :
Last but not least Beautiful by Amber <3
Amber......... This is my role model and future wife! Puhahaha I'm kidding Jhope is my husband I can't cheat. XD
So this is another song I play when I wake up and not in a great mood. This song energizes me because one it's bae XD but other than that the song is really beautiful ( see what I did there?) but no seriously the lyrics are very uplifting and sweet.
Ah these songs always get me in my feels~~~~
I love you guys and I can't wait to see your guy's list!! Oh and tag your friends on this please since I'm like really horrible at remembering id names XD Loves and kisses dears.
Eat is definitely one of those songs for me too! I listen to it everyday
beautiful by amber is a favorite of mine. also only one by b1a4 and got7 's just right has got ke through a lot ^_^