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I honor of October and my very first card here on Vingle, I am doing @kpopandkimchi zombie survival squad challenge or game or however you wish to call it... So without further ado here is my Kpop/Kdrama zombie squad.

1. The Muscle... Kim Jong Kook

No denying if you see him coming you would feel extremely intimidated by his muscles. He has his down side of being quite the nagger but is also a brain too.

2. The Brains... Kim Namjoon

Namjoon aka Rap Monster of BTS is coined quite the brain. He doesn't look the brainy type which means others would see him as just a person the group has with no real purpose.

3.The Scaredy Cat... Tao

He is a big ball of fluff that can defend himself but would but scared to death in a zombie situation being that it is an unknown factor...

4 The Secret Weapon... Sistar's Bora

Being a big ball of cuteness and awesome with a bow, Bora is hailed my secret weapon. She is cute to disarm others and most wouldn't expect her to be as skilled as she is.

5.The Protector... Song Ji Hyo

She is gentle and caring when needed and tough when she has to be. Enough said about why she's my protector, she's the ACE.

6. My Co Captain... Nichkhun

Just cause I wanted him to be lol. Also he's an ace!
@kpopandkimchi I know right!!
omg yes bora is the best hahahah