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So, my coworkers are usually very accepting of my "strange" likes. We have new coworkers coming in. When I told that I like BL and yaoi, I was told by this coworker that he would pray for me and that I needed Jesus and I was and they(homosexuals) were going to hell. It was very hard because I'm actually a very nice person, and I don't defend myself very well. I know I'm strange, but it's hard to be laughed at. This was in front of a whole group of people. It was a very awkward silence. Afterwards, I did have coworkers who said he was wrong, but it still hurt. Anyways, I was hoping for a little cheering up from you guys.
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There is nothing wrong with you or what you like! That coworker needs to pray for his self!
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people shouldn't be shouldn't listen to that jerk! your you and that's what counts you're awesome!!!!! 馃槤
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they're just jelly that they don't have anything to practice their fangirl and ship screams on.
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Fuck that guy!!!
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Why should he judge? He doesn't know you. and you don't know him. Show them anime and they'll pray to you.
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