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~Let's Get Spooky!~

Hey anime community! I talked to @SeintoSeiya and we agreed it would be a fun idea to do a 13 days of Halloween event here in the anime community! Wooohooo!!

Here's the schedule I came up with!

Here's how it's gonna go:

- I'll make a card on each day of the challenge!
- You can comment on it with your answer!
- Or (even better!!) make your own cards!!! Title your card so we know it's part of the challenge!
- We'll all get spooky together!

I'll post the first card later today! Enjoy, everyone!

Tagging my anime peeps, but everyone's welcome to join in ^^
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I will do this!!!
sounds interesting lego!
just posted my card for day 1
I want to join in
@biancadanica98 join us!!! ^^