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They weren't lying when they said women know everything.

We learn from a young age and our wisdom sticks with us over the years. Think I'm lying? Let these adorable little girls tell it [seen in the video above]. Cosmopolitan interviewed young girls on their texting advice. Texting is a huge "thing" these days and these little girls have more wisdom on the topic at hand than most people twice their age.
If you're wondering what to do if he's taking forever to reply to your text or just won't seem to text you at all -- allow these girls to give you a little insight. They might be young, but age doesn't equate to wisdom. The fact that they imply the fact that pizza makes all things better goes to show that they are extremely smart because pizza cures all, right? These young ladies down have to go through the woes of texting just yet, but they're still hip and you should be hip too.
Everything is better with pizza!
definitely was the furthest from practical, but they were just way too adorable for me to pass up & the pizza reference is what really won me over :) @danidee
And okay, some of their advice wasn't the most practical, but it did shed some light on how stupid the dating culture we currently have is, especially compared to the basic logic we're taught when we're kids.
I'm so distracted by how sassy that one girl's sequin beret is.
but, OF COURSE! @danidee
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