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I am a lover of books. It is an unfortunate circumstances that I live in an area where I feel alone in my love or books. Any one on here interested in reading and discussing science fiction and fantasy books? If you are interested I will happily facilitate. I am well versed in the genre and am myself a writer. I look forward to reading with you.
Oh this is awesome! I just started a new book though. keep me posted for the future :D
I just started a new book as well but let me know the next boooook!!!!
The first book will be The Charmed Sphere by Catherine Asaro. We can discuss it in the thread for up to two weeks before we agree to move on to a new book.
Oooh, I'm interested. What is The Charmed Sphere about?
we are not starting The Charmed Sphere until next Monday the 26.
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