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Hello, I'm not sure if anyone's discussed this but I would like to take a moment to make a nod to Yoshiki. He and his band are considered a founder of Japanese Rock. Now there's a lot that can be found by a quick Google search but the short version is that it started by influence from western bands but over time it developed into its own unique thing. Much of popular Japanese rock that is known outside of Japan is part of the su culture known as Visual Kei. visual kei is much like Glam rock in that it has a very extreme style.
Yoshiki is absolutely amazing. His drum solos are incredible and personally influenced my drumming style.
@Yoshiki yeah I think if you start with a collection and a lot of people follow it
@shannonI5 I think we can make our own
@Yoshiki yeah! If enough people request a community usually vingle makes it for us ^_^
I'm sure we could start one.
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