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Genre Comparisons: Pros and Cons

Hey Vingle Otaku Fam!

Today I wanted us all to talk about something a little bigger than just the usual character vs character cards some of us have been posting. I wanted to talk about the bigger differences in aesthetic and taste between two major categories in anime:

Shonen and Shoujo Animes.

Each side has its own appeal, and I know that we have fans of one or the other or both here in the Vingle community, so I thought it would be cool to talk about what we like in either genre!
Here I'll just post up some basic pros/cons for each genre (as I see it - this is totally not what the case would be for everyone!)

Shonen Anime

Typically, Shonen anime is action-centric. It focuses on intense power and fighting with high stakes and absurd techniques and abilities, such as Naruto's ability to channel raw energy into a swirling vortex of hurt - the Rasengan.
Generally, but not always, shonen manga and anime follows a male protagonist.


High-impact action
Visually stimulating
Hero's journey
Lots of variety in titles


Male Centric
Lots of filler
Formulaic (every shonen is basically Ah! power up to defeat the villain!)

Shoujo Anime

Most Shoujo anime is centered around love, and relationships between young lovers. There are lots of will-they, won't-they storylines, and lots of shipping that goes on between characters by the fanbase. Shoujo is all about the gushy stuff.
More often than not, Shoujo focuses on young female protagonists.


'Real' people
Intimate relationships
Relatable stories


LOVE (it can suck sometimes!)
Unrealistic relationship portrayals
Senpai never noticing
Can get pretty ecchi pretty quick
These are just some quick thoughts, and obviously not everyone will agree! But that's part of a discussion, right? It's not always about people agreeing on these kinds of things. I want to know what everyone in the community has to say?
What do you prefer to watch/read? Is it both? What are your pros and cons for each?
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I was recently recommended the anime "School Live" which is apparently a weird hybrid of Nichijou and the Walking Dead, and I feel like that anime could straddle the line between shoujo and shonen. I think these hybrid animes can be pretty cool, because they include key elements of either type
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How about high school of the dead?
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For me I will always prefer Shonen over shoujo. But I've always been a sucker for action. 馃槏 Romance is nice but I have to be in the mood for it.
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Although !its of my top favorite animes are shonen, Tuxedo Gin, Meteor Prince and Beast Master are some of my favorite manga of all time and are shojo and I'm not ashamed to admit it, though Tuxedo Gin might lean more towards a shonen than the other two I mmentioned.
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@AdamDean Beast Master was a very cute I liked it a lot. I wished it could get an anime along with Otomen.
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