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Relationship Goals!
Yuno Gasai <3 A lot of people find Yandere's weird and psycho, but I love them Hahaha I'd totally let them kill me until I died ;D Oh, and I took a test, even though I'm a male. It turns out I relate the most to tsundere! ^.^
I think I watched a 4 minute video of all the times she said, "Yukki" and it was the cutest thing ever haha /.\ @RoseParks Ah, I've got another crush haha =_= Anime: Future Diary Notable Yandere's (that I know of): Tokisaki Kurumi from Date A Live -and- Nina Einstein from Code Geass
Okay! =D
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oops, your lie*
2 years ago·Reply
I...uh gona gona go in a corner in fright. Yanderes my biggest weakness
2 years ago·Reply
You forgot Diva (Blood+).
2 years ago·Reply
i forgot the name for what lucy is, but she isnt a Yandere. a Yandere will fight for love. (Yuno Gasai, Misa Amano, etc) but Lucy and other people in that group fight for family, friends, etc, everything BUT love.
2 years ago·Reply
I love them too if they hunt then they love
2 years ago·Reply