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Earlier this month, Rolling Stone interviewed the cast of Jackass 15 years after the show premiered to look back on some of the more painful/disgusting/hilarious moments of the show and the movies.
If you're too young or too smart then you might not know what Jackass was. It was the one of the dumbest ways to spend your time in front of a television. Essentially, MTV gave a bunch of bored skateboarders a TV show to do whatever they wanted.
Or maybe not whatever they wanted, it was more like, "we're bored doing a bunch of weird stunts to hurt ourselves" and that's a really hard thing to explain to people who didn't grow up watching CKY or Big Brother skate videos. I definitely remember being a punk-ass skateboarder watching this show every [insert day it aired, I don't remember] night.
Watching this video though made me feel a little older than I should because it doesn't feel like 15 years had passed since the show had aired. I mean, well, I just hate feeling old. It sucks. God. Damn. This sucks.
And seeing them now, in their older age, makes me think of the way a bunch of young people could influence the world in such a large way. Sure, Jackass was fucking stupid and a bunch of suburban kids started kicking each other in the nuts because it was funny (it's still sort of funny) but they would've been doing these things anyway.
I think it's kind of cool that Jeff Tremaine and everyone else involved with Jackass kind of capitalized on that. Anyway, I think I'm going to look in the mirror and cry at the sight of my aging face.
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ikr that was the best not to mention the sledge hammer lol mine has to be in the third movie when they were messing with that jet and when bam put the alligator in his houss
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nice show tho! I wish i can join them on some stunts! Lol
2 years ago·Reply
Oh man, Steve-O used to come into my Starbucks all the time, and we were all a little afraid of him based on just all the crazy antics we knew he was capable of.
2 years ago·Reply
@harix82, You're more daring than I could ever be. I'd be too worried about getting hurt to even try one of their stunts
2 years ago·Reply
@danidee, I know this is a weird question, but do you remember what he smells like?
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