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Thank you for the tag @RosePark you know how much I love your challenges. This one is tough because my parents are... not very anime-like. So I'm taking a sort of unconventional route with this challenge...

The Tokyo Godfathers!

For those not familiar with the plot of this movie: three homeless people find a baby in the garbage on Christmas. Gin (an alcoholic), Hana (a transgender drag queen), and Miyuki (a runaway teen), take it upon themselves to take care of the baby until they can find out who she belongs with. They're not the first people you would think of to take care of an infant, and the beauty of the movie is that it challenges the way people think about homelessness and family.
These three have been made into outcasts for a lot of different reasons, but their care for one another has kept them together. When they didn't feel like they could have a family, they ended up finding their own anyway. And truth be told, my life was a bit like that. Thankfully I've never been homeless (came close once or twice), and I haven't always had the best relationship with my family. I spent a lot of my teen years feeling like I should leave, and spent a lot of nights with friends instead. My parents were going through their own stuff (they got divorced when I was 17), and it was probably a really hard time for them too. But like I said, I've been pretty lucky. When I didn't feel like I could rely on my family, there were still people that loved me. And I found my own family.

We're a bunch of misfits and weirdos.

But they're *my* misfits and weirdos. And I'm theirs. The friends I've made are my family. And I've had some amazing teachers, and I consider them to be kind of my parents. They supported me when I tried new things, helped me pick myself up when I failed, and yes they even expressed disappointment in me when I royally messed up. They gave me guidance and respected my growing process.
There is a happy ending!
My dad and I have really figured each other out by now. I'm a real-live grownup, and part of growing up is figuring out how to keep people in your life, and when to let them go. The relationship I have with my dad and his girlfriend is really important to me now, but it's one that I chose. And there's nothing more empowering than choosing your family. These are the people that mean the most in your life, and knowing that they're a part of it because they love you and respect you is very important.
Woo~ This has to be the most interesting TT card so far. Those experiences will come in handy later on I tell ya. Thank you for this card ^^
@Ash2424701 lol probably but I would have felt bad if I didn't mention it. It's kind of unsettling
Lol I think I'll be OK but thank you @shannonl5
@Ash2424701 it was excellent! 10/10 recommend haha just don't watch it alone really late at night. It's not horror, but it was kind of creept
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