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Thoughts and comments on the latest issue of the Fairytail manga. 馃憞馃徏馃憞馃徏馃憞馃徏
I have some theories but I'm hoping in the end, Natsu will find out Zeref is his brother and will somehow make him good again, getting rid of his death magic. Idk. I just wanna know what this power Natsu has now that can defeat Zeref
aaaahhhh it's out!? I couldn't find it all day!
I loved Fairytail Zero! I had no idea Zeref and Mavis had a backstory together.
@JessReno same here with Zeref i always thought he was misunderstood and that Natsu was his son or something with Mavis. i was pretty close just got it wrong on how they were related. the origin story of Zeref and then FTZero sealed the deal with me on Zeref. He ismt evil. just alot of jerks out there just want to use him for his power.
This is going to be a HUGE war... They are taking it slow. Lol
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