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Get ready for the cutest Halloween cupcakes you've ever seen!

These adorable and tasty recipes are perfect for any Halloween party. Whether you're trick-or-treating for the 8th or 88th time this year, these sweet treats are irresistible :)
These marshmallow monster cupcakes from Chef Julie Yoon are sweet without being a sugar overload. Recipe here!
How about some adorable ghosties from Everyday Southwest? Best part: they're secretly carrot cake and cream cheese frosting, my favorite! Recipe here.
Only 130 calories per spidey? Yes please! These cupcakes by SkinnyTaste are big on flavor (and cuteness!) while keeping the calorie count low. Recipe here!
These red velvet cobweb cupcakes add just the right touch of spooky! Get the recipe from MyRecipes here.
Maybe you want individual spider webs instead of one giant one. No problem! The Girl Who Ate Everything will show you how with her helpful tutorial here.
I can't get enough of this adorable bat cupcake with cookies and cream icing! :D Today's Parent will show you exactly how to make him yourself. Recipe here.
Hold. The. Phone. These little hat-clad skeletons are almost too much to bear. Perfect for hipster Halloween! Recipe here.
Candy corn cupcakes hit all the right notes, as far as seasonal coloring goes. (If you hate candy corn, never fear – they don't taste like it, they're just dyed!) Recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything here.
Jack Skellington is a Halloween favorite! Where would we be without our favorite friendly skeleton? Make your own with Mommy Musings' recipe here.
Wait, did someone say cheesecake-stuffed cupcakes? And the cheesecake looks like a PUMPKIN? Sign me up. Hungry Happenings shows you how to make this impressive easy dessert here.
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@danuki99 Yaayyyy I know, I was dying looking at all these adorable recipes! Which one do you wanna make?? :) You better take a picture for us when you do!! ;D
You're funny @allischaaff
@allischaaff yess sent it plz xD how fun
Jack Skelton are the ones I'll probably make
@allischaaff hum...I want to try candy corn cupcakes. if you don't see any pics from me it means that i didn't succeed and everything is in my stomach. *_*