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TLC warned us about chasing those waterfalls.

In this case, this might just be a waterfall worth chasing. I'm talking about the infamous waterfall braid. It's not your typical french braid or dutch braid, but it's better. It's simple and chic meaning it's perfect for pretty much an everyday hairstyle.
This style screams fall and winter giving us yet another hairstyle option to take us through the cooler months. Leave it up to your favorite [or soon to be favorite] YouTuber, Miranda Sings to show us just how easy and amazing this braided style is in the video [seen above].

Ladies, wait. Don't leave so soon.

I hope you got a good chuckle out of Miranda's video, but if you're not familiar with the YouTube sensation than you probably had no idea that she creates spoofs meant to make super confused and people laugh. Hopefully your confused was followed up with a great laugh.
One thing Miranda did tell us that was accurate about the waterfall braid is that it's a great style for the fall and winter. Hence the fact that it's fall at the moment, I wouldn't let you ladies get away without leaving you with a legit tutorial on how to create this easy and chic style.
Let's just hope you love it as much as I do.
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