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I'm team killer✌ hope you enjoy
Team Joker(s), Team leader (Welcome, Commoner, to our world of... BEAUTY!) Team brains, (Hmm, yes... A world without Light would be very... Dark...) Team demon, (Human affairs are so--Is that an apple?!?!) Team killer (KIRA'S COMING!!!!!!! L, GET OUT OF HIS BOX!!!) Heh sorry!
Uh your team gambler loses at every gamble pretty much your doomed..... Also team robot is actually a walking armor 😂 I love your team jokers 👍👍👍
LoL @Zelda27896 aka Kaoru i thought you and Hikaru where like best freinds/brothers btw I loved you guys Cheshire cat outfit and if it makes you feel better youve always been my favorite out of you and your brother Kaoru.
YEAHHHH!!! finally I get a little attention! I'm Kaoru, BTW. Here's the story: I told my phone to call me Kaoru, and it kept on coming up "Hikaru". Then, I went on a rage about how Hikaru gets all the attention. I had to spell out Kaoru for it to finally call me Kaoru. Eventually i deleted the app.
im team joker lets go Hikaru an Kalru
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