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Hello all!! As I shared in my card a while ago, I'm going on a 13 days of Anime Halloween and want you all to join me!
Up first is day 1:

Recommend a horror anime to set the tone for the season :)

My recommendation is....Elfen Lied!

I know a lot of people have seen this anime, but I still want to recommend it to those that haven't ^^
When I first started watching anime that I picked out for myself (I used to only watch what my brother or friends did), this was the first anime that I watched! It was ranked top on a chart so I just went for it.
I ended up falling in love with the character of Nyuu/Lucy, and she was the first character I ever cosplayed!
If you haven't seen this show, you might ask what makes it a horror anime. Lots and lots of blood. And death. And a bit of gore. If you can make it past the first episode, though, you'll be fine for the rest of it ^^
The story is about a "girl" Nyuu who a boy finds and they become good friends, but Nyuu isn't just a girl (as you know from the very first episode when she kills a lot), and their story gets quite complicated. The plot is really interesting!
What I like most about this anime is that it's not just about being horrifying, it's also got an interesting story to it and a lot of heartbreak and other emotions, too. Nyuu is hard not to love, which makes it even harder to dislike Lucy or the others that are technically really, well....killers, to put it bluntly.
There's also a really cute dog. You know, to balance out the bloody scary grossness that Lucy and Nana release on the world :)

That's my recommendation for Day 1!

If you're joining in, go ahead and either:
- comment your recommendation
- make your own card!!! that way you can add fun gifs and stuff like me :P

Looking forward to everyone's recommendations ^^

I love Another
FINALLY MY FAVORITE ANIME!!!!!!! (I feel like a loner cause no one in my anime group has seen it and most won't try it)
Claymore I thought was pretty good or high-school of the dead
what about corpse party: tortured souls
Black Butler
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