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If you take anything for energy to prepare for the gym, which is your go to? I usually stick to caffeine, especially Starbucks coffee because that really gets me hype.

Is there anything you prefer?

Here's My Take on Each:

1) Caffeine -- The only caffeine that really gets me hyper is the coffee from Starbucks. I get a tall, black coffee (no sugar, no cream). I don't know what Starbucks add to their coffee, but it gets me HYYPEEE.
2) Energy Drinks -- These do nothing for me, at all. Most energy drinks don't even offer that much caffeine. A cup of coffee is usually the better option.
3) Pre-workout -- This also really doesn't do much for me, unless I take it in addition with caffeine pill.
I am not caffeine sensitive at all, since I've been drinking coffee since I was a teenager (not really a good thing). So I can take a lot of caffeine and be okay.


I just recently started taking pre-workout drinks. I was a hyperactive kid growing up so energy drinks last maybe 20 mins tops, plus they're full of sugar. Coffee hardly does anything for me either. My pre workout lasts way longer & I get ID Life stuff so I know it's a good company with quality ingredients & only what's necessary. I even use the stuff when I go rock climbing. You should see me climbing those 40ft walls; it's like I'm spiderman or something!
Ohhh yeah. From my experience, chocolate protein powder usually tastes wayyyyyyyy better than the vanilla ones.
@alywoah it's alright! For the most part, the coffee covers it up well. I also have a chocolate-flavored protein powder, which goes well with coffee.
*"since [I] moniter..." silly small text boxes!
It's all black coffee for me. Since I usually workout in the mornings, I am already pretty rested, but drinking coffee helps give me that boost - even smelling the stuff makes me feel energized! Sometimes if I'm doing more strength training and less cardio, I'll save my coffee for post-workout and mix in some protein recovery powder; two birds with one stone, as they say. I don't like energy drinks since monitor my water intake and don't consider those water (I pee enough as it is...馃槄) - if I need electrolytes, I'll drink some organic coconut water. 馃尨
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