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Okay... they're GONNA.

If you're not up to date on your Marvel comics news... you might be confused. Thor is currently the fantastic Jane Foster, and Captain America is none other than Sam Wilson. So, while it might be a little disappointing for SOME of us (because this means Chris Hemsworth probably won't be smooching Chris Evans any time soon)... this is still pretty darn cool.
Marvel Entertainment tweeted the above image over the weekend, a preview of the January issue of Avengers #4. The artist Alex Ross did an INCREDIBLE job on this cover. The details are stunning. So... who else is going to be picking up this issue as soon as it lands in stores?
When I saw this in my notifications I thought bromance 馃槄馃槄
@JesseNitro @DerrickAldana @LAVONYORK @animezgreene @GreenLantern when I read about it I thought the same thing XD haha I was pretty ready for it too. @normabm7 @KTHinton yeah! I'm enjoying the all-new direction Marvel is taking, are you?
I thought the same thing @LAVONYORK
as soon as I saw this I was like hold on I didn't captain America and Thor role that way. but when I say it was Jane and Sam. It's cute.
I saw this in my notifications in school and I ran to the bathroom looking at it 馃槢 I was SO embarest
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